What is CoinPay?

CoinPay is the only trustless merchant software that allows you to easily accept Crypto payments. These payments are converted to EUR, USD or other currencies automatically so there is no risk to you. You keep full control of your coins and we just help the transaction happen. It’s the Magic of the Blockchain at work! Come see for yourself.

Millions of Customers are holding Crypto Currencies and they are looking to spend them. You can tap into this network with very little effort and risk. CoinPay offers the lowest fees and with the CoinPay Marketplace we even help you find customers directly. You can't lose!

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Why Should My Business Accept Crypto?

Secure & Private Transactions

Buyers information is kept safe and secure when they pay with Crypto. The Blockchain cannot be hacked and all data cannot be manipulated or changed so you know it’s 100% accurate.

Instant Payment

All payments are pushed to your wallet and settle in real time. Once the payment is confirmed you have it available in your wallet to convert or spend.

Low Fees

Accepting Crypto costs less than credit cards or other forms of payments. CoinPay only charges 1% and you get access to your money instantly.

No Chargebacks

Chargebacks can kill your business. Accepting crypto there are NO CHARGEBACKS and you fully control your funds at all times. Its like digital cash (it's yours).

Why Should My Business Accept Crypto?

How Does it Work?


Sign up and create your business profile. You can sync an entire shopping cart or customize a few products in minutes. We offer custom solutions with full API integration for large businesses.


Add the CoinPay "Buy Now" button to your website or the shopping cart plugin to start accepting Crypto payments instantly. Set the percentage of crypto you want to keep and what you want to automatically convert to EUR, USD, or other currencies.


Promote your business on the CP Marketplace and get access to millions of new Crypto customers who are excited to spend their coins. It's that simple!

Merchants: Offer Your Products and Services to Crypto Customers Around the World

With millions of people from around the world looking to shop using Crypto you can plugin to a whole new audience and really target new customers with your offer.

Start accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and ClubCoin today!

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Buyers: Shop with Full Privacy and Security of Your Data

Browse through thousands of merchants from around the world and buy with one click. This is the only crypto market place in the world with a fast growing network of merchants who want your business.

With no Fees you can spend Crypto the way it was meant to be.

Decentralized, secure, and seamless with no strings attached.

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Did you know we have a very generous referral program that rewards you for helping us get more businesses to realize the potential of accepting Crypto?

Once your business is set up and you are approved to accept Crypto payments then you can easily share your link and start building residual income from merchants you introduce to the platform.

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