What is CoinPay?

A fully integrated Crypto shopping platform for your business

Crypto Invoicing Made Easy and Secure

CoinPay is the first "trustless" merchant platform that gives you full control over your crypto assets at all times. There is no intermediary or middle man between you and your customer so you get paid instantly and securely Setting up CoinPay is very easy to do, you can load a product in the system and have a "buy now" button instantly. Or you can fully integrate the process into your shopping cart. You have the flexibility and control

Stop missing out on sales by not having a Crypto solution and get started with CoinPay today!

How Does CoinPay Work?

Getting Started is Easy...

Step 1 Register your business and set up your account on the CoinPay platform

Step 2 Add your products into the CoinPay platform and set up your Crypto Wallets. You can decide how much Crypto you want to keep and how much you want to convert as it comes in.

Step 3 You will have a "Buy Now" button you can paste on your website for products, or you can fully integrate into your shopping cart to start seeing Crypto sales.

How Does CoinPay Work?

Why Should My Business Accept Crypto?

Secure & Private Transactions

Buyers information is kept safe and secure when they pay with Crypto. The Blockchain cannot be hacked and all data cannot be manipulated or changed so you know it’s 100% accurate.

Instant Payment

All payments are pushed to your wallet and settle in real time. Once the payment is confirmed you have it available in your wallet to convert or spend.

Low Fees

Accepting Crypto costs less than credit cards or other forms of payments. CoinPay only charges 1% and you get access to your money instantly.

No Chargebacks

Chargebacks can kill your business. Accepting crypto there are NO CHARGEBACKS and you fully control your funds at all times. Its like digital cash (it's yours).

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