Merchants: Why Accept Crypto?

Low fees with high security and zero chargebacks are just a few reasons your business is ready for crypto payments.

Tap into a whole new generation of customers by accepting Crypto Currencies

Crypto Currency is the future of ecommerce and now is the time to find a solution that takes the risk out of dealing with blockchain payments.

New technology has made every industry over the past few decades better, except for money. Banks still use outdated ACH tech, wires, and credit card swipes that take days to settle.

Crypto Currency is the tech breakthrough our society has been waiting for and soon everyone will be using these tokens for payments

CoinPay allows you to easily accept crypto from
millions of people worldwide who are looking to use it

Benefits of CoinPay

Easy Setup

Just copy and paste a button on your website. No need to reconfigure your ecommerce platform, hire a developer
or deal with bugs.

After your business is synced up with CoinPay you can start accepting payments in crypto immediately. Our smart invoicing system gives you full control over the platform to customize the user experience in a matter of minutes.

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Benefits of CoinPay
Safe Blockchain Transactions

Safe Blockchain Transactions

With CoinPay your brand is protected against payment fraud and chargebacks that can be a big issue for any company.

With CoinPay there is zero risk in accepting crypto payments because you can instantly change your crypto into EUR, or USD and you will receive the exact amount you intended within a matter of seconds.

When you set up CoinPay you will have a very powerful invoicing system at your finger tips that can handle a few products or hundreds of them. You will gain full access to our marketplace where you can interact with merchants and customers on the platform.

Why Should My Business Accept Crypto?

Secure & Private Transactions

Buyers information is kept safe and secure when they pay with Crypto. The Blockchain cannot be hacked and all data cannot be manipulated or changed so you know it’s 100% accurate.

Instant Payment

All payments are pushed to your wallet and settle in real time. Once the payment is confirmed you have it available in your wallet to convert or spend.

Low Fees

Accepting Crypto costs less than credit cards or other forms of payments. CoinPay only charges 1% and you get access to your money instantly.

No Chargebacks

Chargebacks can kill your business. Accepting crypto there are NO CHARGEBACKS and you fully control your funds at all times. Its like digital cash (it's yours).

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